The system track inventory at the entity level (store/Agent/warehouse); the inventory catalog can have different pricing and products in each store and can be managed at the store level or via the central office using a Master Catalog. All store POS transaction that impact inventory can be synchronized with the company inventory ERP system. The system can provide both online web services and offline file interface for synchronization. Items that are shipped from the warehouse to the stores for the first time can automatically create the catalog definition. System support Store Transfers, Forecasting, Cycle Count Adjustments, Low Stock Alerts, Purchase Orders, Returns, Sales Orders, Quotes and Invoicing. The system is designed to handle any type of inventory, including: Phone Kits (bundled phone and SIM), loose Phone and SIM cards, Serialized and Non-Serialized Recharge Cards, Accessories and Services, Invoicing and Payment collection for Wholesale customers.

Key Components:
  • Inventory and Catalog Management
  • Forecasting and Ordering
  • Inventory allocation to sales team
  • Inventory allocation per channel and customer type
  • Inventory Reservation with Pre-Orders and Back-Orders
  • Sales Orders with Customer Online approval
  • Invoicing with approval process
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Stock Transfers and Receiving
  • Manage Customer Returns
  • Return to Supplier 
  • Inventory Count, Auditing and Reporting
  • Real Time Reporting and Report Scheduling
  • Sales and Revenue Projection

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