MicroTelecom Point of Sale Systems
Key Modules:
  • Point of Sale
  • Bill Payments
  • Promotion and Rebates
  • Register Cash Management
  • Accounting
  • Commission Reconciliation
  • Remittance Reconciliation
  • Inventory and Catalog Management
  • Forecasting and Ordering
  • Inventory Allocation for CSR
  • Inventory Reservation
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Stock Transfers and Receiving
  • Returns and Replacement
  • Inventory Count, Auditing and Reporting
  • Business Intelligence and Productivity Tools
  • Real Time Reporting and Report Scheduling
  • Sales and Revenue Projection
  • Management of commissions and Incentives
  • Management and Tracking of Sales Goals

MT-POS Enterprise edition comes with API's to enable external systems to perform inventory inquiries and reservations, record sales and payments and Print Receipts. In addition, the system has interfaces to synchronize sales and financial data with the Enterprise ERP system.


Point of Sale Receipts Management

The system provides a centralized Receipt management system, each transaction is issued a unique Official Receipt ID. The POS operator cannot change sale information once a receipt is issued. Receipts that are re-printed are clearly marked as a Receipt Copy. During training and Testing, Receipts indicate the document is Not an Official Receipt. The system provides reporting to print transaction summary of all receipts issue in any POS Terminal.  The receipt formats are configurable and include all the required licensing information and/or the specific format as required by local authorities.

Manage Multiple Price Books and Commission Books from the Operator

The Commission processing module allow the operating manager to configure the commission, spiff and Rebate payouts for each plan/product, and set the reconciliation rules and templates for each Carrier.

Workflow and Capture

The system provides streamlined workflow for activation's and sales, enabling the POS CSR to capture the customer information, and quickly selected the device, plans and features. Indirect Dealers can use the Micro Telecom Web App to log their activation through their Internet browser.  

The system allows the CSR to schedule the renewal dates, so a popup reminder will show and alert will be sent via email at the appropriate schedule.

The activation data from all channels is saved in the centralized server making the data immediately available for forecasting and analysis. 

Sales Data

The provide real time tracking for all sales data in the company stores and Kiosks.  Reports are available in real time through the application secured interface. The system can synchronize the sales data to the ERP system.

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