MicroTelecom Solutions

MicroTelecom specialize in enterprise business-IT aligned solutions in the retail and wholesale domain, with solid execution capabilities and impeccable track record for delivering integrated systems on time and on budget.

Our award winning solutions have been deployed by thousands of small business as well as some of the largest telecom and content providers around the globe. 

MicroTelecom solutions provide streamlines workflow for the Point of Sale operators, Cash Management, Receipt Printing and Control; Integrations include product life cycle, single sign-on, posting payments, Validate Devices, post sales and returns, check and update Customer account balance, calculate taxation, process activation, process exchange and more. The systems are implemented in the main data center, Company Regional offices and/or Warehouses, Company Stores, Affiliate Stores, Dealers and Kiosks.


Point of Sale | Warehouse Management | Inventory Control | Commission | Accounting