MicroTelecom is a world leader in the field of Enterprise retail solutions for communication and media service providers. Our solutions include Point of Sale, Master and private stores Catalog, Inventory Control, Warehouse Management, Order Fulfillment, Commission Processing, Finance, e-Commerce and Mobile solutions.

We focuses on providing software products and services to retail, wholesale and Telecommunication service providers; by focusing on this market and working directly with our clients, our developers gain deep understanding of our clients' needs and can develop the innovative systems that are currently being used by thousands of retail stores, Cellular Wholesale distributors, Master Agents and leading mobile phone service providers in the United States and around the world.

MicroTelecom’s solutions are designed to manage, simplify and improve key aspects of business operations, such as inventory control, sales, employee management and auditing, customer care, order management, commission processing and fraud prevention.



World Wide Deployments

The systems are per-integrated with the world leading billing and ERP systems, providing a time-test, end-to-end comprehensive solutions for service providers, enabling implementation of complex solutions with minimal customization and substantial savings to our customers.