MicroTelecom POS and Inventory Solutions


We specialize in Inventory Control and Point of Sale Systems for enterprises and small business in the retail and wholesale domain. Solutions includes: Point of Sale, Wholesale, Master Agents ERP, Warehouse Management, Commission processing and built-in Accounting software.

Point of Sale, ePOS and Inventory Management Products

POS Systems

MicroTelecom robust Point of Sale Systems are designed to manage any size retail operations and streamline the business processes to promote an effective sales and management team, maximizing profits and enhancing efficiency.

ePOS | POS Online | Mobile POS

Warehouse Inventory Management and Wholesale Order Fullfilment

Inventory Management Software

Warehouse Management and Inventory Control System for wholesale distributors; Include Inventory Location Control, Reservation and Replenishment, Serialized Inventory, Order Fulfillment, Supply Chain Management, Sales Allocation, Real Time Reporting and more. 

MicroTelecom Systems

MicroTelecom is a world leader in the field of Enterprise retail Point of Sale systems for telecom and media service providers. Our products are designed to manage, simplify and improve key aspects of the business operations and include POS, Product Catalog, Inventory Control, Warehouse Management, Commission Processing, Accounting, e-Commerce and Mobile POS solutions.


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Point of Sale and Inventory Management Systems

  • POS | ePOS | POS Online
  • Financials and Accounting
  • Commission and Remittance
  • Dealer Management 
  • Catalog Management
  • Promotion and Rebates
  • Inventory Allocation and Reservation
  • Forecasting and Ordering
  • Wholesale Order Fulfillment
  • Product Refurbishment 
  • Inventory Count, Auditing and Reporting