MicroTelecom Warehouse Management Software

MicroTelecom WMS is the leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) for telecom wholesale distributors with Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Product Location Control, Pickup process using a Mobile App or Mobile Scanner, Sales Order with Order Fulfillment process, Purchasing Approval process and automation, Quality Control, Category Customization, Receiving Process with multiple users working on the same order, Returns Management and approval process, Shipping Management, 1D and 2D Barcode Scanning and Printing, Employee Commission and Accounting. We offer verity of solutions to fit any size wholesale operation budget and requirements, from a Small Business with under 10 people to a Enterprises Warehouse with over 500 employees.

Additional Features:
  • Manage Product Bin Location in the Warehouse
  • Real Time Inventory availability in each Bin
  • Pickup Products from specific Bin using Mobile App
  • Select Bin during receiving process
  • Move Inventory between Bins using a Mobile app
  • Multiple Warehouses Catalog Management
  • Transfer Inventory to other warehouse
  • Supply Chain Management
  • RMA Approval process
  • Shipping Integration with FedEx and UPS
  • Download Orders from PayPal and Amazon
  • Invoice and Order Tracking
  • Pre Schedule Catalog and Price Changes
  • Multiple Price tiers per customer type
  • Print your own bar codes and labels
  • 1D and 2D bar-code scanning and Printing
  • Integrated with MicroTelecom Point of Sale

POS System | Inventory Control | Accounting | Commission